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What We Do

Remote Workforce Support

A female engineer with a tablet on site

Do you want the ability to provide your staff with a replacement device if it fails in the field or their home within a few business hours?  Then read on;

The solution is simple but not many businesses are able to achieve the super quick turnaround that we do every day.  This is due to our 20+ years’ experience that has produced our polished operation that we continue to refine and improve. So you know your workforce is in good hands with us, and you can concentrate on servicing your customers and your IT team can concentrate on their job too.

The services focus is on delivering equipment to meet our clients’ mobile and hybrid workers requirements in the shortest possible time, whilst at the same time minimising stock holdings and, therefore, unnecessary capital expenditure.

TEK’s equipment delivery and collection services ensure that our clients’ operations continue to run smoothly regardless of problems and changing requirements.  Key services include:

Like for like swap 

In the case of a device failure, we ensure that the mobile worker is operational in the shortest possible time after it is reported, typically within half a business day.  The key benefit of this service is reduced mobile worker downtime resulting in increased income, profits and most importantly employee satisfaction.

Provisioning for new starters

Providing an appropriately configured and personalised device, together with the required set of accessories (e.g. carry case, car adaptor etc.) to a joining member of staff either direct to their home or via a training session.  We can also provide any material or communication to aid in their induction.

Leaver returns 

Dealing with a remote leaver can be difficult and time consuming.  We can be involved in any part of the process and when a third party contacts the leaver, we tend to have more success especially if someone is disgruntled.  Minimising unnecessary costs by ensuring that all of our client’s assets are recovered from leavers is also key.

Accessory replacement 

An accessory failure e.g. Powerbank can have the same impact on a mobile worker as the failure of the main tablet or laptop device.  In such cases TEK Express provides the necessary replacements to the same timescales as replacements for main device failures.

All equipment returned to TEK Express is subject to a thorough review.  It is assessed for functionality and damage, with repairs undertaken where necessary.  Where warranty cover is in place, TEK Express manage the repair process.  On-system data is securely erased and the device is thoroughly sanitised before being returned to stock ready for re-purposing.  This rigorous approach maximises the life of devices, further reducing capital spend.

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