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Remote Device Management

A drawing showing tablets, laptops, computers in various countries over the world.

As mobility and technology continues to mature, computing is becoming location independent. Businesses also need to attract the best candidates for their workforce and in today’s climate that means offering the flexibility of Hybrid working. Employees need to be able to perform any task or access any content from any location over any network.  Mobile computing is also becoming a strategic asset that is being used as a basis of competitive differentiation in the enterprise market.

Whilst mobile devices can provide the remote worker with a powerful set of tools to improve productivity and service levels they also introduce a number of concerns:

  • Unauthorised use
  • Inappropriate use
  • Theft of the device (and, more importantly, the data on it)
  • Management of updates

Our mobile device management solutions are designed to meet the needs of our clients, providing them with excellent management capabilities for their mobile devices. With our solutions, clients can easily and efficiently manage their mobile devices, ensuring security, control, and productivity.

Some key features and benefits of our mobile device management solutions include:

  1. Enhanced Security: Our solutions allow our clients to enforce security measures such as passcodes, encryption, and remote wipe, ensuring the protection of sensitive data in case of device loss or theft.
  2. Application Management: We can easily manage and distribute applications to our client’s mobile devices, ensuring that employees have access to the necessary tools and resources.
  3. Device Tracking and Monitoring: Our solutions enable us to track and monitor our client’s mobile devices, providing real-time visibility into device location, usage, and status.
  4. Remote Support: We can remotely troubleshoot and resolve issues for our client’s employees' mobile devices, reducing downtime and increasing productivity.
  5. Compliance and Policy Enforcement: Our solutions allow clients to enforce compliance policies and regulations, ensuring that mobile devices adhere to corporate standards and guidelines.
  6. Expense Management: We can efficiently manage mobile device expenses by tracking usage, monitoring data consumption, and optimising plans and contracts on behalf of our clients.
  7. Device Provisioning and Configuration: Our solution simplifies the process of provisioning and configuring mobile devices, saving time and effort for clients.
  8. Cross-Platform Support: Our solution supports a wide range of mobile operating systems, including iOS, Android, and Windows, providing flexibility and compatibility for clients using different device platforms.

We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional mobile device management services to our clients, helping them enhance security, streamline operations, and maximise the value of their mobile devices.

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