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Procurement Consulting

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It’s difficult getting the right IT for your business. Making the wrong decision could be costly. Our in-house team are up-to-date with the latest technology and have the experience to advise on the most effective solution for you based on its suitability for purpose.

TEK Express has extensive experience in assisting clients with the procurement of new hardware platforms.  It has always been important with our involvement as it is our team that needs to support it effectively.

Our experience covers all of the major software platforms: Windows, Android and iOS.  It includes all form factors: Laptops, tablets, hybrids and smartphones, both professional and consumer devices.  Just as important, we have deep experience of the design and procurement of protective casing solutions to strike the optimum balance between usability and protection.   If the budget is lower, the device will not be built to last and so protection is key for device longevity.

Our long experience of different client requirements and a wide variety of operating environments, combined with our hands-on experience of the widest range of equipment, means that we regularly assist our clients with the cost-benefit analysis of potential solutions as part of the procurement process.  And as we have no allegiance to any one manufacturer, our clients are safe in the knowledge that we have their best interests at heart and will carry out a full independent review for them. 

As part of its services TEK Express can also provide financing to enable the cost of equipment to be spread over the life of the devices thereby removing the need for capital expenditure.

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