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Asset Management & Stock Control

Lots of words with the largest being asset management

Achieving good IT asset management requires a strategic approach and following certain best practices.  A sophisticated Asset Management System sits within the heart of TEK Express' core CRM system enabling us to deliver full lifecycle management for all of our clients’ mobile assets which they can download at the touch of a button producing real-time results.  

Here are some steps to achieve effective IT asset management:

  1. Establish a comprehensive inventory: Start by creating a complete inventory of all IT assets in your organisation, including hardware, software, licenses, and other digital assets. Use automated tools to scan and collect detailed information about each asset.
  2. Categorise and classify assets: Categorise your assets based on their type, usage, criticality, and ownership. Apply tags and labels to ensure easy identification and tracking.
  3. Implement a centralised asset tracking system: Utilise a centralised asset management system or IT asset management (ITAM) software to track and manage all assets from a single interface. This will provide visibility into asset details, contract information, usage, and location.
  4. Maintain accurate asset records: Regularly update and maintain the accuracy of asset records. Keep track of changes, additions, disposals, and updates to ensure the integrity of asset information.
  5. Track asset lifecycle: Monitor the complete lifecycle of each asset from procurement to disposal. This includes tracking warranties, licenses, maintenance schedules, and upgrades.
  6. Implement a change management process: Establish a formal change management process to ensure that all asset-related changes, such as additions, removals, or upgrades, are properly documented and authorised.
  7. Optimise asset utilisation and maintenance: Analyse asset usage patterns to identify underutilised or surplus assets. Optimise asset allocation to maximise usage and avoid unnecessary purchases. Regularly schedule maintenance and updates to extend asset lifespan.
  8. Monitor software license compliance: Keep track of software licenses and their usage to ensure compliance with licensing agreements. This helps prevent legal issues and optimise software costs.
  9. Implement security measures: Incorporate security measures to protect IT assets from unauthorised access, theft, or damage. This includes physical security measures and data protection protocols.
  10. Regularly audit and reconcile assets: Conduct regular audits to verify physical asset locations and reconcile them with the asset management system. This helps identify discrepancies and resolve any issues.

By following these steps and maintaining a proactive approach, organisations can achieve good IT asset management, leading to optimised asset utilisation, cost savings, improved security, and streamlined IT operations.  Asset Management has been at the core of our service provision from the very start.  Our system combined with our services enables us to minimise the number of spare devices required for each client whilst still maintaining the highest service levels.  This in turn reduces our clients’ capital spend. 

Using the data collected by the asset management tool, we provide all of our clients with a tailored monthly report on usage, issues and other key operational information.  The comprehensive nature of the data gathered also enables us to quickly undertake a detailed analysis in the event of an increase in issues (e.g. warranty issues or breakages).

Each of our clients has secure online access to the CRM tool.  Where required, we establish a direct connection between our client’s service desk system and our CRM system.

An important part of our Asset Management service is accessory management. Accessories are held for our clients and stock levels monitored to ensure that an optimum supply of accessories are held and replenishment quotes supplied ahead of reaching minimum stock levels. Our years of experience and supplier relationships enable us to recommend the most suitable and innovative accessories for your devices.

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