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Our specialised IT support service is designed to maximise the productivity and engagement of your mobile and hybrid workforce by reducing their downtime when their hardware cannot be fixed remotely. 

Whilst mobile and hybrid working can enable much greater productivity than office-based staff, mobile and hybrid workers are heavily (often totally) dependant on the technology they employ – if the device stops working so do they.

Traditional IT support often struggle to cope with this challenge, resulting in significant mobile worker ‘downtime’ when a software/hardware failure occurs.

Workforces on average lose 2 days per year per employee due to devices being offline meaning your employees can’t work. This costs the UK economy a whopping £2.17 billion every year.

Here are the top 7 key issues our client’s suffer before they outsource to TEK Express:

Decreased productivity

A failed device can lead to a significant drop in productivity for remote workers, as they are unable to perform their tasks or access necessary files and applications which may in turn lead to deadline delays, client dissatisfaction and financial losses.

Communication disruption

Remote workers heavily rely on laptops/tablets for communication through email, instant messaging, video conferencing, and other collaboration tools. A laptop failure can disrupt communication channels, making it difficult to stay connected with the team and/or their clients.

Equipment availability

If the assets are not managed effectively, the company might not know exactly what their asset database looks like or what spare kit is available for maximised use.

Data loss

Device failures can result in data loss, especially if the remote worker has not backed up their files. This can cause major setbacks and impact ongoing projects.


IT support burden

Sudden device failures can overwhelm the IT support team, as they need to diagnose, repair, or replace the device remotely, potentially leading to longer resolution times.

Employee frustration and morale

Dealing with device issues can be frustrating for remote workers, affecting their motivation, ability to deliver and overall job satisfaction.


Training and onboarding

If a new remote worker's device is not issued on their first day, they may face difficulties in receiving necessary training, onboarding, and familiarising themselves with company processes.

Our Services

What We Do We offer complete project management for IT transfer requirements, including both software and hardware. When the decision has been made to change your systems, we recognise that this needs to happen quickly, efficiently and with absolute mi...
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We offer complete project management for IT transfer requirements, including both software and hardware. When the decision has been made to change your systems, we recognise that this needs to happen quickly, efficiently and with absolute minimum disru...
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Customer service and business growth go hand in hand, with 94% of customers saying service influences repeat buying decisions, so it is crucial to ensure your frontline services are equipped and supported to deliver efficient, empathetic and sustainable service. By ensuring you minimise your workforce downtime you are making for an efficient payroll, an improved customer service, and securing a competitive advantage.

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