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Quality Policy

TEK was established in 2000 by Sam Francis. From the outset the company has focused on providing outsourced services to support the mobile workforce environment. The core service provided is a ‘Swap’ solution for broken or unusable mobile devices together with engineering services to fix the broken devices. These services are provided under managed contracts for businesses, typically with 200+ field-based workers.

As part of TEK’s focus on the corporate market we have progressively expanded our range of services from the original core business offering resulting in a portfolio of outsourced services covering all aspects of mobile workforce technology support. TEK have never lost a contract during the 20-year period and can boast it’s oldest was won in 2001.

A primary goal of TEK Express Ltd is to achieve the highest standards of quality in all services that we provide without compromise. Our objective is to continually improve our company performance while offering our customers a safe, cost effective and professional service.

We aim to consistently provide products and services that meet or exceed the requirements and expectations of each customer. Quality performance is one of the cornerstones of our company culture and is considered the personal responsibility of all employees. We will actively pursue ever-improving quality through internal programs and processes that enable each employee to do their job right the first time and every time by following the principles;

  • To fulfil or exceed Customer needs and expectations by delivering the best service in a consistent, cost effective and timely manner.
  • To cultivate and maintain the commitment to continual improvement and communicate our goals and objectives to each employee.
  • To furnish the Quality Management System with procedures which are periodically reviewed to ensure the ability of all the team to perform their work effectively.

We have the following systems in place to support us in our aim of customer satisfaction and business improvement:

  • Monthly management reporting and reviews with our customers to assess performance and feedback.
  • Regular auditing of our internal processes with results reviewed by management
  • Change management system to ensure all changes are logged centrally and impacts/updates to working procedures are managed appropriately.

The success of this policy can only be achieved through commitment led by Sam Francis, the Managing Director and Kath Akturk, the Operations Director. As well as setting expectations with our internal team, suppliers and sub-contractors are encouraged to co-operate.