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Working in partnership with IT

Since setting up TEK Express over 20 years ago, we have worked with IT companies and departments across the UK. We know what a huge difference our very specific services and facilities can make to IT transition projects and mobile workforce support and provide a secure partnership for IT teams to deliver for clients.

Here are our TOP TEN REASONS why TEK Express is the perfect partnership for your IT department or company when it comes to Mobile workforce support and IT Transition Project Management:


We have very specialist skills, so you don’t have to

Firstly, we know our area inside out. Imaging devices to the right specifications and making the user interface familiar for mobile workforce is what we do all day every day. That means we are perfectly placed to troubleshoot and work at speed.

TEK Express team in action.  A member of staff is batch imaging some laptops.
TEK Express employee putting a new stick of memory into a circuitboard of a laptop

We have all the right technology at our finger tips

We adapt our processes to suit our clients and have all the appropriate technology required to undertake a high volume of devices at any one point at our hub near Gatwick Airport. Everything is set up to batch process 200 devices at any one time, with secure storage for far more so that they can be constantly changed over. This gives us the capacity to get through large numbers of devices very quickly, depending on the size of the transfer.


We don’t want to work on other areas of IT

We know this is an important one. We only work in our specialist area: replicating devices and imaging them ready for remote workers to receive them and carry on working. We aren’t going to take any other IT jobs on, we don’t want to build our business in the same direction that you work in, and we are happy to be used however and whenever you need us!

IT Support team in a deep discussion next to a computer
A woman laughing and holding a tablet, whilst a man with two mobile devices smiles whimsically.

We talk your language

Management team Sam and Kath were working in IT before Sam set up TEK Express in 2000. When you talk to us, we have the same understanding of systems, so you don’t have to explain any of the potential difficulties with your project, we get it but we are also not afraid to challenge suggested project plans if we think we can improve to increase speed and reduce costThroughout the whole process, you will be dealing with real people, in person and a short call or email away.


We work within your security comfort

The only way that we can carry out IT transition projects and mobile workforce support is to work in the way you need. We have no need to go beyond what works for your business and can work with whatever security procedures you need in place. By default, we usually sign an NDA and throughout the project we respect the boundaries of your business. Having worked with companies handling government data we are used to the most stringent security measures, as well as other companies where we have been granted full access to everything. We work to the same high standards for both.

A TEK Express employee sanitising a laptop
A woman laughing, holding a tablet.  A man with two phones talking to her happily.

We can step in at short notice

By their nature we know that IT transition projects can be long in the sign-off and fast in the realisation. Once you have the green light to go, the timeframe can be shorter than requested and the pressure is on. We are ready to go and can get things moving immediately. We can also join the project midway if you have started the project internally and the workload alongside other projects becomes overwhelming.


You can concentrate on other priorities

By separating your IT transition or mobile workforce device support, you can keep on top of the normal demands of the business without worrying about how things are moving along. We keep you fully up to date on progress so that you don’t need to think about it.

An IT Support worker with a laptop and a roll of cable in a server room
A man bulk imaging 20 laptops at the same time

We always seek efficiencies

With our experience comes expertise. We use both of these things to advise on the most efficient process for your needs. This may result in a reduction in timings, budgets or input from you or the end users. Efficiencies are part of our service, and we pride ourselves on the sound advice we provide.


We understand systems

We are not aligned with any one product and can work with what you need. Device management applications that we are experienced with include Microsoft Intune, Ivanti, VMware Workspace ONE, SCCM, Samsung Knox, Zero touch enrolment and 42 gears. For secure encryption, we can work with any product, including McAfee Endpoint, BitLocker, Symantec and Sophos.

A man putting a laptop into storage.  The laptops are all labelled show good IT asset management.
A TEK Express worked fixing a computer with his hands

We can make you look good!

With such a specialist area of work, we are here to help you deliver excellence to the end user. If you work in an IT department or have an IT business, selecting TEK Express as your partner is a perfect way to ensure the quality of the delivery in our areas. If it works for you, we can even use an internal email address for all communications so that for all intents and purposes, is it as if we were never there!

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