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Data Policy

TEK Express Data Use Policy

TEK Express holds information about its Clients as part of conducting TEK Express’ normal business. TEK Express is committed to the safe and secure holding of data and also in its use. This policy outlines how TEK Express uses data it holds and its approach to dealing with any issues that emerge in the holding or use of data. TEK Express replicates unpopulated software images onto hardware issued as replacement for faulty or damaged hardware. No personal information or data capable of identifying individuals forms part of the Client software images held by TEK Express.

TEK Express use of data

TEK Express holds information about its Clients, including contact information of specific Client staff, to enable TEK Express to contact a Client about business opportunities, performance of its contractual obligations, sharing of management information, facilitating invoicing and payment, and agreed marketing purposes. TEK Express holds data for similar purposes in respect of suppliers. TEK Express does not share data for use in general marketing campaigns either in its own right or in combination with a third party.

Holding and Handling of Data

Client data is held on specific TEK Express’ business systems which cannot be accessed via public computer networks, are encrypted and regularly backed up on separate storage devices. TEK Express maintains up to date anti-virus software with computers and devices subject to regular security scans. Where Client data is received as part of a contracted service, that data is transferred to any replacement device issued as part of TEK Express’ services. Client data so received is not held for any purpose.

Breach of Systems where Data is Accessed

TEK Express will inform a Client as soon as it becomes aware of any breach, advising them of the nature of the breach, what data has been affected and how it has been affected. TEK Express will advise the Information Commissioner of the breach as soon as it becomes aware of it, in accordance with the company’s statutory obligations. TEK Express will put in place an action plan to resolve the breach and to ensure that Client data is returned to a secure and safe environment. TEK Express will aim to have the action plan in place within twenty four (24) hours of it becoming aware of the breach. TEK Express will implement a solution to resolve the breach and to prevent similar breaches in future. TEK Express will aim to implement the solution within forty eight (48) hours of becoming aware of the breach, but if the nature of the breach is complex or significant, the company may need more time to implement the required solution.

Right to Withdraw Data from TEK Express

Clients should advise TEK Express in writing by letter or email of a decision that TEK Express should no longer hold their data. TEK Express will remove Client data from all its systems, and delete any data held in backups, within five (5) working days of notification by a Client. TEK Express will notify the Client when the company has deleted its data. All Client data is deleted when an existing client terminates its business arrangement with TEK Express.