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Giving Back

Beyond environmental stewardship, we believe in social responsibility. We actively engage with local communities and one local charity has been at the heart of our support since 2015.  The Incredible Design Company (IDC) provides a professional working environment for young, physically disabled people who had left formal education and experienced problems accessing open employment because of their disability and we are fortunate enough to financially support their team to enable them to get to work.  It is a great charity as it helps people develop a meaningful career who would otherwise have difficulty obtaining employment. The centre offers disabled people the opportunity to work as a team, designing, manufacturing and marketing a range of gifts and promotional items.

People who attend the centre contribute to the business in many ways including computer design, computer-controlled embroidery, press operation, producing marketing material and general office duties such as word processing and filing.

We also support a programme called Solar Learning Labs.  Here in the UK, most of us take access to computer technology for granted, it is just there at the end of our fingertips.  So try to imagine yourself in a town or community where such access was scarce or non-existent. 

That’s where Solar Learning Labs come in. Built from converted shipping containers, these computer labs are solar-powered, which means they are self-sufficient and can be placed just about anywhere in the world.  Solar Learning Labs provide an opportunity for young learners to benefit directly from the expertise of in-country trainers and gain first-hand experience with technology and the Internet.

With the help of technology partner Dell Technologies, Computer Aid has opened 21 labs in 6 countries, with a goal of building 100 around the world by 2030.

Since 1997 Computer Aid have helped over 14.5 million people worldwide and provided over 260,000 computers in over 100 countries, enabling over 1 billion hours of learning.

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