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Project Deployments

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We offer complete project management for IT transfer requirements, including both software and hardware. When the decision has been made to change your systems, we recognise that this needs to happen quickly, efficiently and with absolute minimum disruption to your business. TEK Express handle the entire process through to the successful point of completion where all changes have been made.

Working on all sizes of IT transition projects, from 100 devices to 2,000 plus, we undertake project management for our contract clients and ad hoc for any business that needs this service. Our contract clients already rely on us for mobile workforce support, making us perfectly positioned to carry out larger scale projects as we are already well-placed to transfer data and then setup new devices when required. Likewise, for those that use our project management for a specific IT transition, we are then able to continue to offer in-field support to replace and replicate devices, should you require this service.

Our systems ensure that devices are set up to an exact image of the previous device for each user. Everyone is set up according to their needs so that work can continue seamlessly without any of the worries or stress that a changeover can ignite.

Commercially minded

If your business is working with out-of-date hardware or you need to update software to optimise your output, it can feel like an insurmountable task to get your IT equipment changed over without stopping work. We can run your entire project with commercial impact as a priority, including utilising your company’s natural downtime, delivering ready-to-use hardware, and weighing up the cost benefit of different options with full transparency to help you to make the best decisions. 

Our usual clients are IT companies, or IT departments, who can benefit from our logistics, speed and experience in this type of project. To ensure that everything is as easy as possible, we work with you in whatever way feels least disruptive for your business. When required, we will act as an extended part of your IT team, using an internal email address if this works for you, or our own if you are more comfortable with that. This allows us to communicate with your wider organisation smoothly and in many larger organisations means that no one will even notice we are there! For more information about how we work with IT departments, please see our IT page.

Working in the way you need

We pride ourselves on seeking the most efficient process for your project, helping you to save time and costs wherever possible. At the same time, we know that time and cost are not always the key drivers, as was the case in a recent project we managed for a law firm with 2,000 lawyers who needed new devices. Not only was it unworkable for each lawyer to have any unbillable downtime from clients, they needed the security of knowing their new devices were delivered, set up, and fully functioning before releasing the old device. We handled the full internal communications for this project, using an internal email to advise each person on the timing for their new device to be delivered and for their old device to be collected at a later point. 

Our fast and efficient project management process

Most of our projects start with an in-person meeting to discuss the requirements, timeline and budget for your IT transition project management. You will meet our management team Sam Francis and Kath Akturk, who are involved in every project, bringing with them a wealth of experience and knowledge. Sam having started TEK Express in 2000, and both with a previous background in IT and logistics, they haven’t yet found a project that couldn’t be done to a client’s timeframe, or faster. 

With solid IT knowledge and logistic expertise and capabilities, we are able to get up to speed quickly with what you need. A lot of the projects that we manage are wanted in place immediately and our experience helps us to ask the right questions from this first meeting to keep things moving. 

We also can take on Project Management further down the process, for example when the project has been started but the workload has overwhelmed the IT department and is causing overtime, stress, complications, and an extended project lead time. We work with IT departments and companies to help ease the pressure and enable you to remain focused on the rest of your business demands. 

How our Project Deployment works

Our own business is geared towards speed, volume and accuracy. Our hub near Gatwick Airport has the capacity to batch process up to 1,000 devices a week for any one client, with secure storage for far more, allowing us to cover high numbers of devices in weeks, or even days. When a new project is requested, we start work straight away on the various elements of the task. Our Scheduling team are dedicated to the process from start to finish, covering every detail. 

Each project has its own specific requirements but we are set up to cover all of the elements needed. For some projects, we may start with existing hardware, for example for a hardware upgrade or software change. On other projects, when the whole device is being replaced, we handle the receipt of new IT equipment, unboxing, checking, tagging and then complete set-up. We can even help to source and purchase what you need through our trusted network of suppliers. In all options, we can collect, reset and wipe any previous hardware if desired. Our TEK Refresh service gives you the option to sell your old hardware easily.

Although the project may be large, we never lose sight of the fact that the end user of your devices needs to be able to continue working and not be agitated, worried or disturbed by the changeover process. Although hardware is often the same across a company or department, the way a person uses it is personal to them, and an important part of their own efficiency and comfort with IT equipment.

Keeping your business and information secure throughout

One of the key criteria for us to learn is the security levels that your business is comfortable for us to work within. We adapt to the stringent security your business requires. Previous projects have included working with law firms and businesses that hold government information, examples of some of the most secure systems that we were able to work with successfully.  It is standard practice for us to sign and adhere to your desired NDA, as well as meeting GDPR regulations. We prioritise the safety of our own systems too, with a high-security firewall in place and we have taken the extra step to have a third-party penetration test to protect your data.

All data is handled at our physical hub near Gatwick Airport and any hardware is collected, delivered and tracked through DPD, with whom we have an excellent long-standing relationship. Through this method we can ensure devices are delivered safely with all the back-up checks we need should anything not be where it is expected. Live tracking and photographs at delivery all help us to make the delivery process as smooth as possible. Insurance throughout the courier process gives peace of mind to your business. 

All aspects of hardware

We are happy to work with the hardware you have for updates, or to receive and sort new hardware direct from your suppliers, or to include hardware procurement as part of your project management.

In addition, if you have redundant hardware as a result of your project, we can wipe it, refresh it and return it to you, or you can utilise our TEK Refresh service to sell your devices. This service has been designed to make re-sale as easy as possible, allowing your old devices to have a new life secure in the knowledge that all of your data has been fully removed. It is a great way to lower the overall cost of your project, and to help the planet along the way. You can find out more about TEK Refresh here.

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