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Accidents do happen

According to our data, nearly half of laptop accidents occur due to drops, while the other half are caused by spillages of drinks or food. These accidents can be costly to repair but with spillages, if immediate action is taken, you might prevent furth...

Google Chrome Safe Browsing

Google has long been known as the go-to search engine for accessing information of all kinds. From research papers to recipes, Google is the place to go when you need to find something quickly and easily. But not only does Google make the world's infor...

Eco Friendly Laptops

Laptops are known for their versatility and are the No. 1 device for businesses. Approximately 160 million new laptops are produced annually, with around 160,000 being discarded each day within the EU.  That latter figure doesn’t allow for the thousand...
Top tips to refreshing your tech

Top tips to refreshing your tech

This month, we want to share with you a ‘help guide’ for planning a laptop refresh programme.  We are frequently asked to advise and get involved in this process which we are more than happy to do especially if we are going to be supporting the devices...
Hybrid working

Hybrid Working

The pros and cons of hybrid working have been fiercely debated particularly post pandemic, with many questioning whether office working will ever return to pre-Covid levels.  We thought we would share some stats that we come across during our working d...

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